Lessons Learned: First Months as a Young Trep (Part Dos!)

{This is the second post in the ‘Lessons Learned as a Young Trep’ blog series. Check out my first post, here!}

Young Trep Lesson #3: I’m not alone, after all.

By nature, I’m not the most outgoing person. As the years after high school and college fly by, making friends has become a greater feat. One of the hardest (albeit seemingly silly) mental obstacles I had to tackle when choosing to launch my own entrepreneurial career was the fact that I would no longer have work buddies to gab with throughout the day. Basically, that “safe place” to find friends was no longer there. I was all alone working in the spare bedroom of my colonial (except for my pooch). She doesn’t talk back, unfortunately.

Little did I know that with just a short email, I could rekindle conversation with an old college friend who is also in the first year of her new digital marketing business. With two fledgling businesses on the rise, Cristina and I had a lot to talk about.  And since that initial email we’ve been in touch almost every week. To my surprise, when I posted a link to the launch of my website on my social platforms, I received multiple messages of encouragement back from old friends and women in similar lines of work. So the lesson? Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and hit up old friends.

Young Trep Lesson #4. Keeping a (semi) strict schedule helps improve productivity.

The liberation of being my own boss comes with some serious responsibility. Could I wake up when I wanted to and work only until I got bored? Sure. But that deadline sure would creep up quickly. And I’m never good under a tight deadline. Rather, I know my personal work habits and thus, I’m forcing myself to stay true to them. I start each day at 8 o’clock, work until I am having trouble staying focused and then let myself take a break. If I feel like working from the couch, so be it! Just as long as I am waking up, showering, putting on my “work clothes” (read: real pants), and sticking to a semi-strict schedule, I am more productive.

And to be honest, I think there’s something to be said for a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I wake up each day and work hard in hopes that I’ll improve my client’s bottom line, I will! Consciously identifying how, when, and where I work best, I can make sure that each day is chock-full of productivity.

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