Real Life: Starting a Business

For months on end I battled my brain, wallet, and insecurity.

Taking the leap to leave my job at a leading search marketing firm and starting off on my own seemed like the best and worst idea I’ve ever had. For a while I managed to block the idea out of my brain, convince myself that I enjoyed the comfort of a bi-weekly paycheck enough to outweigh the monotony of account management, and count down to Friday starting 8am Monday.

But then, the thought would sneak back in – usually at the most inopportune moments. Like while on a client call at 5:45 on a Thursday night. Or a sunday afternoon when I look to my phone and find URGENT(!) all over. Shouldn’t I be doing something more?!

I had gone through the normal stages of job/life questioning, too. I spent far too many hours on LinkedIn. I went on a few job interviews in the Big Apple. When strong offers came my way, it should have swayed me to make the move. But for some reason,that increase in salary didn’t convince me. Why? Well, that’s what I’ve been pondering.

First, I think, is that I had the luxury of working from home. So even the most trying days could end and within 30 seconds, I was downstairs and chopping my frustrations away on the cutting board. That sure beat a 2+ hour commute in and out of Manhattan everyday. Second, and I think more importantly, is that each new job opportunity that I was presented with was missing something – an entrepreneurial outlet.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. A golf club. A car wash. A corrugated box manufacturer. An accounting firm. A gift box company. A consulting practice. A computer school. Yep, all that in just a quarter century. I suppose it’s fitting that a mere few years in Corporate America left me looking for more.

So here I am. My first few weeks into being a full-fledged entrepreneur, I can confidently say that I am happier, more fulfilled, and well… a little freaked out about what’s on the horizon.

I hope it looks a little something like this:

New Entrepreneurial Horizons

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