My Digital Ally helps small business owners market their business online with confidence. We approach digital marketing holistically, and craft a unique plan across the following digital disciplines: SEO, PPC, Social, Email Marketing, and Content Management.

Each client begins with us by developing the Digital Dot Plan. The Digital Dot Plan’s purpose to create a simple, easy-to-follow roadmap to guide the client through their digital optimization. The first question to answer:

What is a Click Worth to You?

Search Engine Optimization & Content

A search engine optimized website  is the most fundamental digital marketing mechanism that your business needs in order to gain visibility and build website equity. If you aren’t visible when a prospective customer ‘Googles’ for your product or service, you lost business without even knowing it. Get to the top of the search results. Get seen. Get business.

Fresh, quality content should be present on every website. On-page content is invaluable, and is what ultimately determines organic search success. Curating said content enables Organic Search efforts to flourish. We help by curating blog posts, infographics, and keyword rich website content to help your website relevant, fresh, and on the top of the search engine results pages.


Social, Email, & Advertising